51.1 Miles
1947 Feet

The term “endless rolling hills” define the area around the town of White, Georgia and the Loves Bridge route is just an example of what’s available. This 51 mile paved route starts at Sosebee Cycling Park. On a Saturday morning, if the weather is nice, you might find a dozen groups here, getting ready to clip in.

A discussion of cycling in North Georgia isn’t complete without mentioning Sosebee Cycling Park. The privately owned facility is located a few miles off Interstate 75 near the town of White, Georgia. Changing rooms, restrooms, picnic tables, an air compressor and plenty of parking are provided to cyclists free of charge. The place is a hub (pun) of road cycling activity.

A quick search will turn up hundreds of routes in the area. Climbing routes are possible to the east but gently rolling hills to the north and west seem more popular.

The route is named after the bridge at the north end of the route. Small towns, farms and bucolic pasture land punctuate this route. Store stops are reasonably spaced and any road you see on the map is likely good for extra miles or a bale out. This area is extremely popular, made so in part by Chandra and Christopher Sosebee who own Sosebee Cycling park but mostly because of the outstanding country riding the area has to offer.

  • As in most rural areas, farm dogs have been a nuisance. Bartow County animal control recommends carrying pepper spray.
  • The Loves Bridge route start is just a few minutes off Interstate 75, exit 296.
  • Parking at Sosebee Cycling Park is free. Changing rooms, porta-johns, picnic tables and bike racks are available at the site. Please consider a donation to keep the site running. See the Resources page for a link to the cycling park website.
  • The nearest full service town is Cartersville, approximately ten miles to the south of the route start.

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