31.1 Miles
2112 Feet

Horse farms. Strava segments. Dog chases. 30 miles. 2200 feet. 40% gravel. A little over two hours ride time. Perfect. This route is a jewel in Atlanta’s backyard.

The Lucas Loop grew out the local Northwest Atlanta road scene where gravel roads were simply a hindrance. The route came into its own as gravel gained popularity and now it isn’t uncommon to find someone riding this route on a summer evening after work.

The route is quite beautiful, passing the Foxboro Horse Farm, Benson Lake and quirky Saggus Rd. Riding this route fast requires good bike handling skills. The outbound Lucas Rd gravel sector can be ridden very fast if you choose the right lines and there are some tricky spots such as the bottom of the hill on School Rd where the road descends, transitions to gravel and then turns…

Longer mixed surface routes can be built off the Lucas Loop by utilizing nearby Sheffield and Paulding Forest WMA roads, GLCP access roads, and gravel/paved sectors to the south which link to the Silver Comet Trail. Ride two laps of the Lucas Loop for a Deuce Lucas.

Expect quiet country roads, excellent quality gravel and a little bit of nicely deteriorating recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). There is enough variation in surfaces to keep it challenging. Speaking of challenges, there is a fair bit of climbing on this route and aptly named Mountain Road kicks up to nearly 9%. What goes up, must come down and there is a fair bit of descending too.

  • Harmony Grove Church Road can be busy when school is in session or when the local high school football games let out.
  • Dogs can be a nuisance. Paulding County Animal Control has recommended pepper spray.
  • Park at the Sammy McLure Middle School when school is not in session. Please be courteous and park out of the way.
  • A convenience store is available at mile 20. Another is just off the route at mile 27.3
  • Big’uns Biscuits at mile 2.5 is excellent.

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