SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com is run by Tim Hollingworth of Acworth Georgia. It isn’t a company and no money is made off this site. SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com is just a hobby.


The site was started years ago as AtlantaBikeRides on the blogger.com platform with the intent of documenting and suggesting my personal favorite routes. This was back when the art of paper cue sheets was still practiced and GPS’ were just becoming popular. Anyone remember bikeroutetoaster.com?

Over the years I’ve encountered several riders who said they had discovered great routes at the site and one who even said, “Your site is the reason I moved here.” It was always a humbling experience.

The site was moved to the WordPress platform in the fall of 2019 in the hope of taking a broader, regional approach and to take advantage of more current technology. As of January 2020, obsolete, redundant and no longer viable routes from the old site are being culled and the best ported to the new site. Many routes from the old site are not posted because photos are lacking. I have to go out and ride them with a camera in my pocket. That takes time.


SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com isn’t pretending to save the planet. Controversy, rage, cursing, beer reviews, portraying hard liquor and life threatening situations as necessary ingredients for adventure rides, promoting Satanism as a valid life choice and standing silent while people treat other human beings like garbage can be found in abundance at other cycling websites. This site is about bicycle routes.

The entire reason for the existence of this site is summed up in the first word of the tag line – inspiration. The hope is that someone will be inspired by this site to the point of downloading a route and riding it. I’ve tried to create the kind of website I would like to read and they are all objectively great routes.


If you have a question, would like to suggest a route for inclusion on the site or want to contribute a route as an author, then feel free to get in touch using the form on the contact page.


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