SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com is run by Tim Hollingworth of Acworth Georgia. It isn’t a commercial enterprise – sponsorship is not available and no money is made off this site. SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com, like cycling itself, is just a hobby.


The site was started years ago as AtlantaBikeRides on the blogger.com platform with the intent of documenting and suggesting my personal favorite routes. This was back when the art of paper cue sheets was still practiced and GPS’ were just becoming popular. Anyone remember bikeroutetoaster.com?

Over the years I’ve encountered several riders who said they had discovered great routes at the site and one who even said, “Your site is the reason I moved here.” It was always a humbling experience.

The site was moved to the WordPress platform in the fall of 2019 in the hope of taking a broader, regional approach and to take advantage of more current technology. As of May 2020, obsolete, redundant and no longer viable routes from the old site have been culled and the best ported to the new site.


All content on SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com is original. This site does not use copyrighted material stolen from other websites nor does this site repost commercially available or syndicated articles found elsewhere. Every word and photo is unique to this site. If you see something from SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com at another website then rest assured, the owner of the other website stole the content from this site.


Being taken seriously requires respect for one’s audience. That means more than a few cheesy photos and “Some dumb words” as one blogger puts it. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and cyclists are smarter than that.

SoutheastCyclingRoutes.com won’t post marginal quality routes or routes from well known organized rides just to have content. Negative aspects of a route aren’t sugar coated. At the same time, avid cyclists reading this site understand that things like traffic and dogs are facts of life and lectures aren’t necessary. Again, our audience is smarter than that.

Every inch of every route has been ridden, documented and time has been taken to describe the routes with enough detail to give a feel for the route without boring you with turn by turn descriptions. You, the audience, deserve nothing less.


The entire reason for the existence of this site is summed up in the first word of the tag line – inspiration. The hope is that someone will be inspired by this site to the point of downloading a route and riding it. I’ve tried to create the kind of website I would like to read and they are all objectively great routes.


If you have a question, would like to suggest a route for inclusion on the site or just want to say hi then feel free to get in touch using the form on the contact page.

Wishing you all peace and safe riding.


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